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Graphic Facilitation team training in our online Academy gives your group Visual Thinking skills and tools to benefit your whole organisation.

Visual Thinking and Graphic Facilitation make ideas and thoughts visible and easy to share, so your people can connect more effectively.

When people connect amazing things happen.

The Business Benefits of Working Visually

Humans are visual

We take in massive amounts of information in the blink of an eye. For most of us the majority of sensory receptors are in our eyes, so 90% of data is communicated to us visually. That’s why we like visuals.

It's quicker

We live in a fast world. We use symbols when communication is critical or urgent. It takes just 250 milliseconds to process and understand a symbol. Get your message across faster with an image.

It's more engaging

Working visually switches on all 4 brain lobes. Your colleagues and customers are more engaged when they see visual communications. If you want your audience to engage with your message, work visually.

It's more inclusive

As the size of your audience increases so does their language, learning and literacy needs. Using images to support text reduces barriers and ensures more people are included in your message.

It's stickier

You remember visual information better and also for longer. Research has shown a significant recall advantage for words that were drawn instead of written. If you want your message to stick, draw it.

It's the future

You need to be collaborative, creative and innovative to stand out from the crowd. We know from working with hundreds of clients that working visually gives you a business advantage. Now. And for the future.

Case Studies – How we’ve helped Clients train their People

Choose your Curriculum

Select the combination of courses to suit your Team. Our Graphic Facilitation team training is totally flexible. Choose from our suite of online courses in the Graphic Change Academy to build up the ideal visual skills learning package for your team or organisation. We can work with you to identify what will work best with your group size and budget.


These 12-module online Programmes have been devised from over a decade of in-person training. Depending on the size of your group and their available training time, you can put individuals through the public sessions (running twice a year). Or for a group of people, we can run a closed-group cohort over a period to suit you. These are blended Programmes, with online learning alongside Live Classes and a private Community forum with your trainer.

visual planning using sticky notes to record ideas


For those wanting a deeper dive into Graphic Facilitation (Visual Facilitation). Enhance your existing facilitation skills with visual tools, techniques and templates for facilitating virtual and in person groups. Get results and deliver better meetings, training sessions or events even whilst training. Can be run as a private cohort for your group over a period to suit them.
visual planning using sticky notes to record ideas


For those wanting a deeper dive into Graphic Recording. This 12 module Programme trains people to be in-house Graphic Recorders (Visual Scribes), not only saving you money but enhancing your Internal Comms initiatives and your work with clients and partners. Can be run as a private cohort for your group over a period to suit them.


We’ve created 3 practical self paced online courses. Each course combines the flexibility of e-learning with the beneficial support of a trainer within the lessons for Q&A and coursework feedback. Each of these Graphic Facilitation team training courses will give your people a powerful set of Visual Thinking and Doing skills.

group of diverse people celebrating their visual posters


Adopt simple but powerful visual tools and techniques to capture and share the stories important to your organisation. Enhance your storytelling and create visuals that really connect with your workforce, partners and customers. 7 lessons containing exercises, real world examples, how-to videos and case studies.

graphic facilitator using visual tools at online and in person meetings


Turn your virtual meetings into engaging visual meetings or prepare for going back to in person meetings with this practical course. 11 hands-on lessons with tools, templates and visual techniques to ensure you’re delivering engaging, memorable and productive meetings, workshops or training sessions. 

visual planning using sticky notes to record ideas


Enrich your planning sessions with practical visual planning tools and techniques to clarify visions, turn strategies into action plans and deliver more effective planning meetings. 7 lessons with step-by-step processes and easy to create templates for better planning by yourself or with your team.


You may want to give more people a chance to have a flavour of working visually. These 2 courses give you the option of pure online learning or a virtual Live Class with a Real World trainer.


6 fast-track lessons give you a foundation in functional drawing techniques ready to do our other online courses. Self paced online course.


2-day foundation taster course. Blended learning with a virtual Live Class plus access to the online Academy for individual coursework.


Whether you want a bespoke training module or to offer 1-to-1 coaching to your Visual Champions, we can put together a real world and online Academy combination to support you to embed a culture of Visual Thinking and Doing in your organisation. If you’d prefer a bespoke Visual Thinking training experience for your team, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Our Team Training Options

From a volume discount off our individual prices to a tailored training package to suit your workforce, our options are flexible to suit your training requirements and L&D budget.

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What’s in it for your people?

The best of both learning models

The Academy offers flexible and always-available online learning with the added human touch of a live trainer. This therefore gives them the best chance of learning success.

Practical skills and tools

Our lessons are practical and learning is embedded with Real World exercises, so employees can start applying their new skills straight away.

Continuous Professional Development

Enhancing the skillset of professional line managers, project managers and trainers gives them a communication advantage that benefits everyone who works with them.

group of diverse people celebrating their visual posters

What’s in it for your organisation?

Stand out from the Crowd

Training people in Visual Thinking gives your communications impact and harnesses the creativity of your workforce, whatever their role.


Develop a Common Visual Language

A common visual language leads to better internal communications, deeper engagement and more effective collaboration.

Deliver Change Better

Working visually helps your organisation deliver change better, because it gives you clarity, focus and increased engagement across your business.

What people say about our training

Found the exercises well paced and just the right mix. Also really enjoyed looking at your / others’ work for inspiration – thanks!

S. Mehigan

I’ve really enjoyed this course and have learnt so much and I’m looking forward to putting what I’ve learnt into practice over the coming weeks!

K. Mistry

The course was great, the level of content challenging but still manageable alongside work and other commitments. The platform was clear and easy to navigate – and of course, beautiful. I found I was putting the lessons to use in my working and home life from week 1. Highly recommended.

N. Jenkins

A good mix of reading, theory and intense practice – all of which got me up to speed for work doing Graphicking even while the course was still underway

M. Penney

It is well designed, going step by step, and breaking down the process and weekly exercises in a nice way. The weekly goals are not out of reach, and they carefully push me out of my comfort zone. And to have Cara as a coach, with frequent and one-to-one feedback is the cherry on the cake

A. Curdy

I found the push to do the exercise and having to post them up for feedback is a great form of accountability.

T. Conyers

I think this this is a fabulous course. I’d highly recommend it to anyone and your support has been brilliant

G. Cox

I definitely feel empowered to keep working at this, and that my development has come on thanks to the structure and impetus of the course!

D. Andrews

I love your courses… They are so well thought out and carefully paced to allow a rich learning experience which is manageable with a full time job. I really appreciate all of the encouragement and support. Thank you

K. Haake

Some of the amazing Clients we’ve drawn with

Are you interested in training your people to be Visual Thinkers?