“Cara’s wonderful book…is fast to digest, beautiful on the eyes, and full of deep truth. Whether you’re a businessperson looking to clarify your vision, or a creative person looking to make sense of business, this book is a gem.”
Dan Roam

Author of The Back of the Napkin and Draw to Win

“There’s hardly a soul who wouldn’t benefit from the ideas in Cara’s book.”
Tea Uglow

Creative Director, Google Creative Lab


Whether you want to connect with an individual, an audience or the whole world, communicating visually helps you connect more directly, and more meaningfully, with more people.


Who is this book for?

Whether you’re a start‐up, an entrepreneur, a consultant or a small‐business owner then this book is for you. You might be at the beginning of your business journey, or well on your way. If…

you have a creative soul, even if you’re not sure you have the creative talent to match

spreadsheets and flipcharts hurt your brain or bore you to tears

you’ve stopped developing your business in favour of ‘doing’ your business


you want to work in creative, collaborative and effective ways with your clients

…then this book is for you. You’re not going to believe me yet, but you don’t need to be artistic to use this book. Trust me. It’s true.
Visual thinking helps you understand, explain and connect more effectively. No matter what kind of business you’re running, Draw a Better Business will help you get your visual thinking brain in gear and reap the business benefits.
This book will help you tap into your innate creativity, stand out in the crowd and get the benefits of working visually for you, your clients and your business.

More praise for the book

“I’m thrilled to recommend this book… It’s extremely simple, clear, actionable, and of course it’s got lots of pictures so it’s pretty easy to navigate. I think it’s a wonderful book and I hope you enjoy it.”
Dave Gray, writer of the book's foreword

Founder, XPLANE; Founder and CEO, The School of the Possible 2018

“Often, business people don’t think of themselves as creative, however, Cara’s book shows the ‘non‐artist’ how to use visual communication tools to create and capture innovative solutions that will engage your audience and transform your business.”
Melanie Eusebe

Consultant, Professor, Founder of Black British Business Awards

“This powerful and practical book will transform your business. Grab a pen and supercharge your communication with Cara as your guide to build your confidence, skills, and impact through drawing.”
Bec Evans

Co-founder, Prolifiko

“Cara’s book is a great guide towards helping you see your way to better communications and better results for you and your organisation.”
Herb Kim

Founder & CEO of Thinking Digital Limited

My mission is to help people draw their stories, conversations and ideas. To externalize the imagination and clarify the complex. To connect. Because when we connect amazing things become possible.
Cara Holland


“In the competitive world of consulting, it’s priceless to acquire skills that immediately improve business. Cara is a NINJA! After starting to use these tools, I’m seeing massive benefits with clients already!”
Madelyn Gengelbach

Principal, Market Tuning Group

“In Draw a Better Business, Cara Holland provides a visual working toolkit that will help clarify your entrepreneurial plans and then enhance dialogue you have with customers, staff, suppliers, investors and most importantly with yourself!”
Andrew Greenman

Asst. Professor, Entrepreneurship & Small Business, Nottingham University Business School

You’ll start to think about business in a new way

I loved this book. I read it from cover to cover and now I’m going back through to do ask the exercises. As a small business owner it’s wonderful to find a book that not only supports me to take the time to step outside my business and creatively start to really think about where I’m heading and where the business is going, but also guess me skills to impress m my clients and support them on this journey. I got so much more from this bill than I expected. And Cara’s love and support fur her readers is clearly evident. If you want to start to think differently and in A more creative way, this is the book for you.

Independent Amazon 5* review

D. Clarke


In the UK:

Must have planning guide to help you achieve your small business vision

I love the practical advice for using visual thinking to help u work through the vision and challenges for ur small business. The exercises are useful and help you not only think big but also understand how best to break things down into manageable chunks.

Independent Amazon 5* review


International booksellers:

Inspiring and simple

This book is inspiring! Authored in such a way that you can’t put the book down. Working within the corporate arena I thought I would struggle to get the methodology across to my colleagues and customers. After one presentation, explaining a complex solution with the methods demonstrated in the book, the team completely understood the scenario and were able to get on board. This book is a permanent addition to my bag of tools for presentations.

Independent Amazon 5* review

Dean Perry

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