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Who are you here for?

Just me

Join like-minded aspiring visual workers learning practical graphic facilitation or recording in our unique Academy courses.

My team

Want to work more visually as a team? If you have 3+ people you can train cost-effectively with a Group Rate

My organisation

Get whole organisation benefits of learning a common visual language together with a Team Licence or Tailored Training

Our Unique Online Courses

We don’t do mass online training. We do graphic facilitation online training that treats you as an individual. We want you to finish the course you invested in and get back out into your workplace with skills that help you engage people, interact with them better and deliver more tangible outcomes. Graphic facilitation training can help you achieve this.



These 12-module online Programmes have been devised from over a decade of in-person training, and will equip you with practical visual thinking skills, tools and ideas to implement in your work. Even whilst you’re learning how to be a Graphic Recorder or Visual Facilitator!

These are practical learning Programmes, with hands-on lessons for you to do at your convenience, alongside checkpoint recorded webinars from your trainer and a supportive private Class Community for you to share coursework or ask practical questions for trainer feedback. It’s the best of all online learning experiences!

Registration is open from 4th April to 12th September 2023. You can join us online for your 12 weeks any time within these Term dates.

visual planning using sticky notes to record ideas


Enhance your existing facilitation skills with visual tools, techniques and templates. Get results and deliver better meetings, training sessions or events, even whilst training. A practical online Programme with tutor feedback and support.

Register between 4 April - 12 Sept 2023

12 week course

Start when you want

20 people max

Class Community

Tutor feedback

visual planning using sticky notes to record ideas


Invest in yourself to improve your Graphic Recording, Sketchnoting or Graphic Translation skills, for both analogue and digital mediums. A practical online Programme full of hands-on exercises with tutor feedback and support.

Register between 4 April - 12 Sept 2023

12 week course

Start when you want

20 people max

Class Community

Tutor feedback


These 4 practical online courses are self-paced for you to do in your own time. Our Practitioner courses are uniquely hybrid, combining the flexibility of e-learning with the benefit of being able to access the trainer within each lesson for Q&A and invaluable coursework feedback, so you can try something, get feedback and improve again. This gives you measurable results even during the course.

visual planning using sticky notes to record ideas


Explore the power of Visual Journaling, whether for work, travel or as a daily habit.

Instant Access

Self paced

Tutor feedback

visual planning using sticky notes to record ideas


Adopt simple but powerful visual tools and techniques to capture your stories.

Instant Access

Self Paced

Tutor feedback

visual planning using sticky notes to record ideas


Learn the Visual skills to deliver engaging, memorable and productive meetings.

Instant Access

Self paced

Tutor feedback

visual planning using sticky notes to record ideas


Visual planning tools and processes for better planning on your own or with a team.

Instant Access

Self Paced

Tutor feedback


Take your first steps into what we call Functional Drawing: drawing to get your message across at work, to problem-solve with colleagues or to draw more human-friendly processes.

Graphic Change Academy Badge draw more boot camp


Overcome your fear of drawing for work! 5 days of short practical exercises to start your Visual Thinking journey.

5 days (30 mins/day)



visual planning using sticky notes to record ideas


Follow on from Boot Camp with 8 short practical lessons to take your Functional Drawing to the next level as a beginner.

Self paced / 8 days


In-lesson feedback


Whether you want a bespoke training module or to have 1-to-1 coaching, we can put together a real world and online Academy combination to support you to take your visual facilitation or graphic recording skills to the next level. If you’d prefer a bespoke graphic facilitation training experience, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

We believe that…

You don’t have to be in a creative organization to work more creatively

Working visually gives you the edge, whatever your industry.

Visual working sets individuals and organisations apart across all sorts of sectors and industries. Working creatively in a non-creative organisation gives you the edge over your competitors and helps engage your customers, clients and workforce better.

You don’t have to be artistic to draw at work

Everyone can draw well enough to work visually.

One of the best kept secrets of working visually is that anyone can do it, most people think they can’t, and almost everyone will be impressed with you when you do. We call it Functional Drawing. You can join our Draw More Boot Camp for free to overcome your fear of drawing again.

You don’t have to be in a classroom to learn

The best place for you to learn is where you are.

You don’t need to travel to course venues or spend whole days on courses. The Academy is the best of all learning experiences, with access to practical lessons at a time and place to suit you, to fit in between work. And ideally to put into practice in between lessons.

You don’t have to be on your own when you learn online

Just because you’re online doesn’t mean you’re alone.

The Academy gives you the benefits of online learning with the enhanced experience of access to a real trainer for feedback and questions. This means you can grow your confidence to put your learning into action. You’re also more likely to finish your course. 

What people say about our training

I don’t think I ever really understood what visual thinking, graphic recording, or graphic facilitation really was until I did this course. The feedback and support that I got through Cara’s comments was key to my progression.

I’m going to take this further in my own job as a secondary school teacher. I have the confidence now to build on all the things I learnt in the course.

P. Smith

I’m really appreciative of the skills I have picked up …they’re fantastic and I am absolutely going to be using these in my work going forward. I would be really comfortable planning and running a fully visual workshop and I am really keen to find ways of doing this in my paid job and also expanding my side gig into something more substantial.

E. Powell

The course was great, the level of content challenging but still manageable alongside work and other commitments. The platform was clear and easy to navigate – and of course, beautiful. I found I was putting the lessons to use in my working and home life from week 1. Highly recommended.

N. Jenkins

A good mix of reading, theory and intense practice – all of which got me up to speed for work doing Graphicking even while the course was still underway

M. Penney

It is well designed, going step by step, and breaking down the process and weekly exercises in a nice way. The weekly goals are not out of reach, and they carefully push me out of my comfort zone. And to have Cara as a coach, with frequent and one-to-one feedback is the cherry on the cake

A. Curdy

I found the push to do the exercise and having to post them up for feedback is a great form of accountability.

T. Conyers

The course has been extremely valuable and it has already impacted my work greatly. The most valuable feature has been the possibility of sending you my work and receiving feedback… I know it takes time and energy. Your feedback has been extremely helpful and it has helped me to see things I could not yet see

G. Rossi

I definitely feel empowered to keep working at this, and that my development has come on thanks to the structure and impetus of the course!

D. Andrews

…for someone that was sceptical about online learning, you made me change my mind and gave me hope I can reinvent myself professionally during this COVID time. THANK YOU.

L. Lafeuille

I love your courses. They are so well thought out and carefully paced to allow a rich learning experience which is manageable with a full time job. I really appreciate all of the encouragement and support.

K. Haake

Our Mission

is to help you get the benefits of working visually. We help you share ideas, connect with others, change thinking into doing and clarify the complex, by helping you draw more.

Why work visually?

There are lots of proven reasons why your business will benefit from working visually. Better engagement, effective problem solving, and increased alignment to name a few. Here’s some more examples.

But I can't draw...

Working visually is not about art. It’s about working, thinking and connecting differently. Anyone can do it! Don’t worry if you can’t draw at all – we teach you enough to make an impact. Start here.

Some of the amazing visual thinking clients we’ve drawn with…

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