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Visual thinking makes ideas and thoughts visible and easy to share.

So you can connect more effectively.

When people connect amazing things happen.

That’s why we do what we do. Now you can do it too.

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We’ve taken what we do every day and made it learnable.

We’ve used over a decade of experience doing graphic recording & facilitation and delivering in-person training to build our unique online visual thinking courses.

Who are you here for?

Just me

Welcome! Come join like-minded aspiring visual workers in our unique Academy courses…

My team

Want to work more visually as a team? If you have 6+ people you can learn cost-effectively with a Team Learning Plan.

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Get whole organization benefits of working visually together with a bespoke Team Licence Plan.

Our tutor-supported courses

This is no mass online learning experience. We motivate you to finish your course and put your new visual thinking skills into practice with expert guidance from a tutor

Our pick ‘n’ mix visual thinking modules

Choose from our suite of modules to build up the visual skills learning package that works for you, your team or your organization

The Academy learning experience

We’re not interested in mass online learning. We want every single one of you to take your practical learning out into the real world and enjoy the huge benefits of being a visual thinker…and doer. So we’ve used our face-to-face training experience to give you the best chance of finishing a course you start. Here’s how…

Flexible learning

Connect to the internet to do your practical lessons when and where suits you, and carry on where you left off, even if you switch devices.

Drip-fed modules

We’ve designed our modules to build up your visual thinking skills gradually so you gain confidence to try things out in the real world.

Live tutor support

Whether through private Ask the Tutor fields or mentoring via private Facebook course groups, you get live support from an expert tutor.

Gamified learning

From progress tracking to quizzes, we’ve made the learning experience motivational, fun and visual…of course

Blended learning

Learning from our past students we’ve combined text, video, pictures and tutor feedback options to cater for all learning styles and generations. We can even kickstart you with in-house training before you go online.

Downloadable certificates

Celebrate your success by downloading your personalized PDF certificate of achievement.

Tailored support and learning

Whether you want a bespoke training module or to offer coaching to your Visual Champions, we can put together a real world and online Academy combination package to support you on your journey to embed a culture of visual thinking in your organization.

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What people say about our training

Found the exercises well paced and just the right mix. Also really enjoyed looking at your / others work for inspiration – thanks.

S. Mehigan

Brilliant – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both courses and gained lots of confidence and new ideas!!

L. Virgo

I’ve really enjoyed this course and have learnt so much and I’m looking forward to putting what I’ve learnt into practice over the coming weeks!

K. Mistry

Big thanks for all your advice & great material Cara. A really helpful course.

L. Hurst-Brown

Fantastic course. Really challenging, but the pace was good. I loved the personalisation and humour everywhere, and the stories about graphic recording.

N. Coles

Loved it Cara. My flipcharts will never be the same.

R. Rumsey

Excellent…really got me to think, and to draw again.

S. Mehigan

I found the push to do the exercise and having to post them up for feedback is a great form of accountability.

T. Conyers

I think this this is a fabulous course. I’d highly recommend it to anyone and your support has been brilliant

G. Cox

I definitely feel empowered to keep working at this, and that my development has come on thanks to the structure and impetus of the course!

D. Andrews

Draw More Boot Camp has been a great way to start my first week teleworking during the Coronavirus. I got up early each morning, and treated myself to a daily lesson. Thank you!


Our Mission

is to help you get the benefits of working visually. We help you share ideas, connect with others, change thinking into doing and clarify the complex, by helping you draw more.

Why work visually?

There are lots of proven reasons why your business will benefit from working visually. Better engagement, effective problem solving, and increased alignment to name a few. Here’s some science.


But I can't draw...

Working visually is not about art. It’s about working, thinking and connecting differently. Anyone can do it. Don’t worry if you can’t draw at all – we teach you enough to make an impact.

Here's just some

of the amazing

visual thinking clients

we've drawn with.

What are the business benefits of working visually?

we are visual

We take in massive amounts of information in the blink of an eye. In fact most of our sensory receptors are in our eyes, so 90% of data is communicated to us visually. That’s one of the reasons the majority of people like visuals.

it's quicker

We live in a fast world. We use symbols when we know communication is critical, urgent, or both. It takes just 250 milliseconds to process and understand a symbol. So if you want to get your message across faster, use an image.


it's more engaging

Working visually switches on all 4 brain lobes. So your colleagues and your customers are more engaged when they’re looking at visual communications. If you want your audience to connect with your message, work visually.

it's more inclusive

As the size of your audience increases in size and diversity, so does the language, learning and literacy needs of your staff and clients. Using images reduces barriers and ensures more people are included in your message.

it's stickier

You remember visual information better and also for longer. Recent research has shown a significant recall advantage for words that were drawn instead of written. If you want your message to stick, draw it.


it's the future

You need to be more collaborative, creative and innovative to stand out from the crowd. We know from working with hundreds of clients that working visually gives you a key business advantage. Now. And for the future.

Interested in a team or organization learning plan?